My birthday was two days ago, and yes, having birthdays, especially at my age, leads to a reflection of your life. But this year, I was reflecting in a different way.
My husband threw me a birthday party this year! How fun! We had 30 people at our house, and the amazing thing is that we didn’t know 25 of them 8 months ago!

We’ve moved to this area almost eight months ago, and it’s been a long road in establishing friendships. I grew up in the military, so I was used to moving around, and I’ve moved several times as an adult. Change is okay in my book. However this last move, for my husband’s new job, was different. Our kids are in college, so we weren’t meeting parents of kids the same age as ours through school. I’m no longer working out of the house, but am instead working on my writing career at home, so I’m not meeting new friends via a workplace. And with church, well, we shopped churches for several months, only joining our new church two months ago.

In January and February of this year, I recall being very lonely, feeling isolated, and although I knew that feeling would change as we established ourselves in a new home, it was a difficult few months.

My birthday party was a celebration, and did it ever show what a mighty work God can do in your life if you just ask Him. In January, I would never have imagined that there would be a house full of people in my home. But there they were, from all different areas of our lives: neighbors, church friends, writer friends, a college buddy, and cousins we’re finally getting to know because we now live closer to them.

God has done nothing but bless us for this entire move: From the beginning, even when we thought we were going to another city and couldn’t understand why the doors kept closing there, all the way to our beautiful home, that was happily filled with laughter, love, and good new friends. We’re establishing our life here, and it’s going to be wonderful.

God is so good…..

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Rebecca Yauger

Becky is a writer and blogger. She's a three time contributor to various Chicken Soup for the Soul books and writes about real friendship and relationships, and all the ties that bond us. She's the former Web Manager and Vice-President for ACFW ( Becky is a proud wife, mother, grandmother and 3-time cancer survivor.