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Rebecca Yauger

Becky is a writer and blogger. She's a three time contributor to various Chicken Soup for the Soul books and writes about real friendship and relationships, and all the ties that bond us. She's the former Web Manager and Vice-President for ACFW ( Becky is a proud wife, mother, grandmother and 3-time cancer survivor.

What Drives You?

I need some help and advice, friends.  I’m pondering a question or two these days.  I want to know what drives you?  Or to put it another way, how do you know what your passion is? And has your passion changed?  What if you strived for something for years, and […]

No Offense Intended

I’m a little behind in posting today. I’ve been thinking about so much the last few days… I guess birthdays have a way of doing that. In planning my birthday, the topic of RSVPs came up.  In this day, a lot of folks don’t take the time to let you […]

My Re-Birthday

My birthday is coming up this week… and it’s one of those BIG birthdays. A milestone. Whether we like it or not, birthdays keep coming. How do you celebrate your birthday?  Do you dread it – knowing there are a few more wrinkles or more gray hair? Do you just […]