Naming this Blog…A Few Hints

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas to re-name this blog. As I’ve looked over the suggestions, there are definitely some that resonate. So I thought I’d provide a few hints on what I’m looking for in the direction of this blog.

First, this is about relationships. But it’s more than just love relationships, more than husband and wife. Relationships include friendship, fellowship, siblings, kids, parents, and co-workers. So, it’s not just romantic love.

Second, I want this to be an interactive blog. It will be a place to share your stories, thoughts, ideas. Give me feedback, whether you agree or disagree with what I’m saying. Let me know if there’s something you want to talk about more. We’re all people and we all relate to others. Let’s talk about the joys and frustrations involved with our various relationships.

So, something about “relating” or “connecting” might be good. Those who have suggested titles with “love” in it, well, those aren’t resonating as much with me. But every suggestion is still under consideration as I really dig into the depths of this blog and its direction.

Or go in the direction of “Stories of Us” or “Our Stories.”

I’ll take suggestions through Monday at 12noon central time. I’d love to land on just the right name. The $10 Starbucks card or $10 Barnes & Noble card is still up for grabs.

As it’s Easter weekend, I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Name this blog… Win a Prize!

With the re-launch of my blog, I’ve changed directions. The new direction for my blog is discussing relationships, which are all around us. But now I think it needs a new title.

No longer is this just my journey (as in “Rebecca’s Journey”). I want everyone to be involved, as we all have relationships and hopefully at one point or another, there will be a topic that truly resonates.

So, let’s start with step one of being involved: Name this blog. And the person who comes up with the title I choose will win a $10 Starbucks card or a $10 Barnes & Noble card (your choice). Okay, that’s not much, but hopefully it’s fun.

Let’s have a little fun with this! Name my blog….win a prize!

Leave your suggestions in the comments. I’ll announce a winner on Monday, March 25th, 11:00am central time.

And thank you for participating!