Reminder Day

Like a lot of us, I’ve been in a cycle of worry, of feeling sad, and even being short-tempered with my husband, when he doesn’t deserve it. I HATE that!

I fret about my parents and their health.

There have been other family health issues as well. My mother-in-law just went through Hurricane Ida. Oh, yeah, we’re still dealing with Covid and decisions to get the shot or not get the shot, to mask or not mask, to stay open and go into lockdown again.  I am in this cycle of unease about so many things, yet part of me doesn’t want to face any of it.  

Where’s my faith?

I’m pre-worrying about a lot of things (emphasis on “pre”). Things that may or may not happen. I guess I’m trying to be prepared, but again, it’s “pre-worrying.” I don’t know if anything will change, if we’ll have to make tough decisions, or will things continue status quo? It makes me want to cower in a corner.

I didn’t know what to pray for anymore…how to pray. I hit a wall.

With all that said, today was what I’m calling “reminder” day. I’m reading the book “Standing Strong” by Alli Worthington. She inspired me previously with the chapter on self-doubt. Today, I’m in the middle of a chapter on praying  called Ask for it. On page 148, she quotes a text from her friend, who says “Ask for manna. For strength to live off manna. Because after manna comes abundance.”

Manna. Daily manna. The Lord provides just what we need when we need it. So, all of this “pre-worrying” is a waste of time. I know that. However, I certainly needed this kick in the pants reminder! Daily manna.

God heard my unspoken prayer with a reminder that he provides and he’s still with us — always, all days.

Fear can have you cowering in the corner instead of plunging ahead, facing your fears, and getting through them to grow stronger. Life’s worries can be easy to ignore, to back away from, and hide your head in the sand when everything is overwhelming.

Hide my head in the sand. Really? When God’s strength flows through us?

I have to believe that his strength will flow through me, and believe that the manna he provides is enough. And he provides manna every day. No stockpiles for a rainy day. He provides just what we need at the time we need it.

I’ve written about daily manna before. But apparently, God knew I needed the reminder. He answered my prayer when I didn’t know how to pray.

Are all my problems solved? No. Am I still concerned for my parents and everything else going on in the world? Yes. Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed. But my perspective has. God answered my prayers with the reminder that he is with us every day, and he provides. I need only to look to him.

Trust — all days, always.

Thank you, Lord for reminder days.

What about you? How does knowing that God provides help you with your worries?

Let’s encourage one another!

Running Away from Home

Was there ever a time in your childhood that you felt like running away from home?  That seems so silly looking back, because as Dorothy Gale said, “There’s no place like home.”

Even as adults, we sometimes want to run away from home. Take my husband and I a few weeks ago: We’re in a place in our lives where are kids our grown, gone and married. We’re empty-nesters, enjoying the quiet that comes before the arrival of grandchildren. (And no, there are no grandchildren on the way…that we know about!).

But on this particular Saturday, we woke up restless. The weather was cold and cloudy… and we just needed to get out of town!  September had been very hectic and there hadn’t been a lot of down time.

Normally, when you say “let’s get up and go somewhere,” you rarely do it. And on this day, I thought that would be the case for us.  My husband had some minor repairs to do on his truck and I said to myself that was it. He’d get stuck in the garage, buried in his car repairs and we wouldn’t go anywhere. Maybe we’d have time to see a movie or something later.

He headed for the garage and I thought I’d dig out a craft project to work on. Well, he made his repairs, and came back in the house and announced that he needed to road test the truck.

“Pack an overnight bag, just in case,” he told me. 

Really?  I couldn’t believe it.  I leapt up and packed quickly.  My mood lifted and I kept smiling as I threw things into a bag.

Even if we didn’t spend the night anywhere, just to take a drive was a marvelous idea. Instead of just talking about it, we were actually going!  On a whim, with no thought, no reservations, no real destination (though we had an idea).

We drove about three hours, and stayed near a state park at a hotel on a lake. It was wonderful!  We spent the night and returned home the next day. It was a fast trip, but it felt so good just to get away, to walk along the lake right before a thunderstorm rolled in. Watching the deer the surrounded the lake property… just being together, anywhere except at home.

I think the best part was that we did it so spontaneously.  At our age, (not that I claim we’re old!) it seemed like our spontaneous days were behind us  — that was something for the young.

But for one weekend, we felt young, and carefree.  What a great feeling.

So maybe the next time we’re restless, we won’t even hesitate. We’ll throw some things in a bag and get in the car and go!

What about you?  What’s the last spontaneous thing you did?  Have you ever gone out of town on a whim?

I’d love to hear your stories.  And when appropriate, I hope you find your moment to run away from home!