I haven’t written in a few weeks because I’m not sure what I have to say these days…. and truthfully, I’m wallowing a little bit. Wallowing, feeling sorry for myself, just a little sad. Okay, I have good reason for my sadness. Two of my aunts passed away a day […]

Swimming Upstream

Are there times when you feel like you’re going against the tide? Or that your beliefs are counter to the world’s beliefs? These days as a Christian, I feel like I’m swimming upstream. I long for a time when people knew it was okay to “agree to disagree.” Everyone is […]

Finding the Balance

I’m busy right now — like most people these days.   There are times when I feel completely overwhelmed, but if I break it down, there’s a lot of time wasted in my day. Social media is one time-sucker.  I enjoy Facebook.  I love that a lot of my cousins, extended […]

We Need Each Other

I spent this evening attending a book signing for one of my author friends.  She previously had an e-book released, but this was her first print book, one I know she has worked on a long time.  It was wonderful to celebrate her release day with her. What was even […]