A Different Kind of Adoption

My next few blog posts will focus on Mothers and Mother’s Day. As Mother’s Day ranks third in most money spent for the holiday (behind Black Friday and Valentine’s Day), it’s a big deal. As I became a mother by marriage, I tend to focus on different kinds of Moms. […]

Being Inspired

As a writer, I’ve trained myself to try to be observant to the world around me. I love to people watch, and sometimes I can’t help but eavesdrop on conversations at the local coffee shop. You never know what is going to inspire you, no matter how small it may […]

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I haven’t blogged in a while. Mainly because I don’t take the time. But I think there’s another reason. In looking at anything social media related right now, everything seems kind of ugly. We’re a divided world right now, where there’s no room to respectfully agree to disagree. Maybe that’s […]

ACFW New Releases: January 2017

January 2017 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Contemporary Romance: Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley by Valerie Comer, Mary Jane Hathaway, Elizabeth Maddrey, Danica Favorite, Lee Tobin McClain and Annalisa Daughety — Is love possible for a makeshift mom […]