We Need Each Other

I spent this evening attending a book signing for one of my author friends.  She previously had an e-book released, but this was her first print book, one I know she has worked on a long time.  It was wonderful to celebrate her release day with her. What was even […]

Bloom Where You’re Planted

In watching the Winter Olympics over the past few weeks, it struck me that many of these athletes more than likely became athletes because of where they were born or living at the time they became passionate about their sport. I know that’s not always true — examples like the […]

Can You Be an Inspiration?

The Winter Olympics are happening, and yes, I’m watching.  I love the inspiring and uplifting stories, the competition, patriotic pride and more. To see athletes achieve their lifelong goals along side those who are just happy to be in Sochi right now is heartwarming.  Remember the young American skier, Heidi […]