Talking Among Friends Podcast

Talking Among Friends is also a podcast! We’ll talk about faith, every day life, relationships, friendship and more. It’s a conversation among friends. Hope you check it out:

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Episode 3 – 9-9-21: Being Steadfast in the Storm. Go to this page:, and you’ll find links to listen there, on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts and more.
Episode 2 – 8-27-21: Perspective, Momentum, and a Dry Erase Board What is your tangible evidence of success? Is it accomplishments or the impact we have on others? 
This episode relates to the blog post here.
Episode 1 – 8-20-21: Climb out of the Self-Doubt Pit You don’t have to stay stuck in the self-doubt pit! Hopefully these words will encourage you today.

Let’s encourage one another!