Discipline — part 2

Last week, I wrote a post entitled “Discipline is not a dirty word.”  You can find it here: https://talkingamongfriends.com/2014/01/28/discipline-is-not-a-dirty-word/

I received some good, thought provoking responses to that blog that I’d like to share:

“‘Discipline’ is so misunderstood! Maybe we should look at it as a way of training ourselves to reach our potential. Guidance and facilitation from our elders are needed initially in this process, but ultimately, isn’t discipline an internal journey?”

“Why, indeed, do we balk at what we know is good for us? I think we rebel against ourselves. And against the voices of authority in our heads.”

“It’s discipline, not desire, that changes things”.

I like these thoughts. They can be positive mantras in our world:

1. Discipline is training ourselves to reach our potential. (We’ll see tons of evidence of that as the Olympics open this week).

2. Don’t balk at what’s good for us.

3. It’s discipline, not desire, that changes things.  Although you need to have the desire to dream and the courage to pursue it through a disciplined life.

What do you think?  What positives can we take by being more disciplined in our lives, by striving to reach our best.  How do we make the internal journey something that shines outwardly? I’d love to hear your ideas!