Gratitude – All Year Long

I’ve written about having a spirit of gratitude before, but I think this is a topic that never grows old, so here we go once more:

Thankfulness should come more than every November. We need to live our lives with a spirit of gratitude. Imagine how your attitude would improve if you approached everything with an attitude of thankfulness: for your job, your commute, your family, your health…

Sometimes in this world, we’re frustrated with our job, marriage, family, co-workers and more. But what would happen if we approached each day with an attitude of thankfulness. Being thankful for all we have.

What if, in the midst of that frustration, we took a deep breath, and said “Thank you God for this job,” “Thank you for the abilities you’ve given me” or “Thank you God for my family, friends, co-workers.” We know there are others in this world who suffer much more than we do. So, our gratitude for our lives should be an everyday occurrence.

How would that change your attitude?

Romans 12:1 from the Message says:
So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering.”

Do your work with a spirit of gratitude…thanking God for your abilities to do your job, for your family, for your health. Place them before God as an offering. The audience of one!

Have that spirit of gratitude every day! Something to remember when those tough days come, when you’re in a bad mood, when work overwhelms you or the holidays overwhelm you. Be thankful for the blessings, for the provision of food, gifts, decorations, plus the job that provides that.

Be blessed for the rest of this year, and as the new year approaches, think about having that spirit of gratitude all year long for 2015.

Trust Without Borders

CornucopiaThis time of year, our focus shifts to the holidays, to gifts, family, decorations and sometimes chaos.  For Thanksgiving, we acknowledge our blessings and share gratitude.

This year, sadly, I’m seeing and hearing about tough times for many people… the loss of loved ones, whether expected or unexpectedly, hard times, and a general lack of joy.  I’m also remembering a dear friend we lost a year ago to cancer.

Sadness can overwhelm us, especially during this time of year.  If we’ve lost someone, that loss is felt even more deeply.  If we have financial difficulties or are in tough times, those problems are magnified right now.

How can we combat that?  The “easy” answer is prayer.  But prayer doesn’t always come easily.  However, we need to do it, daily.

We played a song at church this past weekend that talked about “trust without borders.”  Those words seared into my mind.

What does it mean to trust without borders?

In my opinion:
1. Pray daily. Even when it’s hard. Do it!
2. Trust that God has a plan.  Trust without borders mean limitless trust.
3. God is still with us, even in our sorrow.  Especially in our sorrow.
4. Give thanks for everything. Because even if times are rough right now, God is giving us a foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

And if you’re feeling down about your own situation, then that’s the time we need to take the focus off ourselves, and focus on someone else.  Give to someone else.  If you don’t have money, then give your time, bake something, write a note.

If you are blessed this year, sharing time with family and friends, then share those blessings with someone else. Rejoice in what God has provided.  And guess what?  It’s still the time to pray daily, trust God, know God is with us in these happy times, and give thanks for everything.

It’s the little things that count.  Share a smile, give a hug… and continue to trust without borders.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!