Stubborn Faith (Video and Text)

To follow-up on my post on Rediscovering Fierce Faith, I talk about having a stubborn faith in this video to help us through this pandemic (and more!).

(Please note, this originally posted on Instagram last week. I’m just slow on posting here on my blog page).

Thanks for checking in!  Text from video is below.

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Stubborn Faith Video Text:

Hey everyone. On my most recent post on, I talked about a book that I’m rereading called Fierce Faith by Alli Worthington. And it’s a book about facing your fears and overcoming anxiety and wrestling with your worries.

Now, the first time I read this I was in caregiving mode. My parents had health issues, and my brother was battling cancer. All are well today, thankfully. At the time, I was going not only from house to house, but from state to state to help care for them.

Today, of course, we’re in a very different situation with this worldwide pandemic. I’m in a different place as I’m reading this book. And even though I’m doing okay. And I’m okay with this Shelter in Place Order. We’re very blessed my husband’s able to work from home I’m able to work from home, we’re still doing very well. There’s still some days that are harder than others, where I’m, I don’t know, sadder or more restless, or depressed, maybe some combination of the above. You know you just can’t go and do safely. So sometimes there’s a feeling of weariness that comes over you.

My church has been doing online daily devotionals and the pastor this one day, talked about stubborn faith. And that really resonated with me: stubborn faith. Maybe because I never realized that stubbornness might be a good trait after all, something positive to have. And I realized it’s going to take a stubborn faith or a fierce faith to get us through this pandemic, even though there are tough days, the days where I do feel weary, or even feel a little sad.

Those are the days that you need to turn to the one who’s really control, you need to turn to God. And God will give you the strength you need to get through this. Now what I’ve learned is that he’s not going to give you the strength you need all at once to get through this entire pandemic. He’s going to give you the strength you need for today. It’s like when he provided manna. He provided food for the Israelites in the desert. He only gave them a daily portion. He didn’t give them any to store up.

I think that’s what we need to remember now. We need to go to God daily and ask for the portion of strength we need to get through today.  I’ll worry about tomorrow when the dawn comes. I just need to get through today, and I need to get through today with God’s help, trusting that God’s in control, trusting He has a plan and he’s still here for us. And he’s going to give me that fierce stubborn faith to get through this today. Something to think about. Anyway, take care of yourselves. Stay well, and we’ll see you next time on

Time’s A-Wastin’

Every week, I try to have a spark of creative brilliance for this blog. It’s called “Talking Among Friends” for a reason. I want the posts to be something that most of us can relate to and be topics that start conversations. And I want it to be a place where we feel less alone, because, guess what, someone is usually going through the same thing you are.

As much as I try to plan ahead and have words of wisdom to share, there are weeks where the words don’t want to come. And it’s not because I’m overly busy or haven’t had the time to work on the posts.

In fact, one of the most annoying things to me is when I have a block of time to work and I either do something else, or fritter my time away thinking I can do this later. Then, you guessed it, something else always comes up later that needs my attention.

I don’t like wasting time and I don’t like being a procrastinator. Yet, I can be very, very good at both of those things. This leads to frustration, and that frustration can sometimes stop me in my tracks. I feel like going off in a corner to sulk….or at least crochet something.

It’s too easy to look back and see those wasted days, or “drift days” as I call them and start getting down on myself. This is a topic that has been covered recently on this blog  so no need to belabor it here.

Instead, what I want to happen when I look back is to learn the lessons of the past, and carry those lessons into a positive future. We don’t know how many days we have here on earth, and I don’t want to spend those days fretting about what I didn’t accomplish yesterday.

Instead, I want to focus on what I can do today, right now. Whether it be getting my clothes out of the dryer and finally folding them, or doing an act of kindness for someone, or sitting my backside in my chair and writing a blog post.

Life is too short to waste time looking backwards. If I learn something from my past, then I become a changed person and I’m not who I once was. This goes back to not dragging around the weight of mistakes on my shoulders. Every day is a new, fresh start.

So, we begin again today, with a new perspective. I don’t have to be who I once was. I can keep moving forward (if you haven’t seen Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons”, you should. There’s a good message in that movie).

And maybe every day I move ahead, there will be less and less wasted days behind me.

Do you have any good advice or tips on how to combat wasted days or shedding your past mistakes? Please share!

Meanwhile, choose joy this week. Talk with you soon.